Providing an exceptional care like no other

Royal Hospital stands apart from others by its unique ability to offer a quality healthcare service which is efficient and effective. We are a fastest growing hospital in the country and we remain committed to delivering exceptional care and creating a legacy that will improve healthcare service in Sri Lanka. We’ve earned our reputation for excellence by providing more than 25 years of kind, attentive, and respectful healthcare services to our patients.

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No. 62, W.A.Silva Mawatha, Wellawatta, Colombo – 06, Sri Lanka.

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+94 011 4000 100


+94 112 586 581 | +94 112 584 212 | +94 112 597 56



24-hour Pharmacy

At Royal Hospital we have 24 hours functioning pharmacy, with a team of qualified pharmacists to assist you in providing the medicines that recommended by a qualified doctor


Laboratory services

With a fully equipped modern laboratory, and a team of staff working round the clock to provide high-quality laboratory investigations is available at Royal Hospital. Recently our laboratory services have extended in such a way that the patient does not have to visit the hospital, where our team will go to the patient.


Channel consultation

At Royal Hospital we offer channelled consultation services to our patients, this allows the patients to get a consultation from a preferred consultant.


Doc990 channeling service

For the convenience of the patients, we introduce the Doc990 online channelling service platform to our patients in which they can channel the doctor they preferred without visiting the hospital.


A modern Operation theatre

A modern operation theatre equipped with the state of the art equipment powered by the cutting edge technology is utilized to give an efficient service.


Maternity Labor care

We have a state of the art labour room facilities at Royal Hospital to make it more comfortable for the mothers during their deliveries.



Recently we have installed the latest video endoscope unit at Royal Hospital to offer more investigations to our valued patients and provide a better service.


Ultra Sound Scanning

Ultrasound scanning and a channelled consultation by a consultant radiologist are now available at Royal Hospital for your ease.

Comfortable patient rooms

Comfortable patients rooms facilities are provided at the Royal Hospital for the convenience of our patients during their sick days.


Fully equipped modern ICU

A fully equipped modern ICU is available with state of the art equipment round the clock to our patients and monitored by a team of highly trained staff.



All the relevant vaccinations which match to each category is available and provided by a well-trained staff member.



A state of the art C.T.G. machine powered by modern technology is available at Royal Hospital to give our patients a better service in regard to the problems related to heart and its functions.


Medical Health check-up packages

Number of diverse medical health check-up packages are introduced by us for the different age limits to maintain good well being and diagnose health issues early


24-hour Ambulance Service

At Royal Hospital we have 24 hours functioning ambulance service, with a team of qualified doctor, nurse and an assistant to handle any emergency case.


Dental and oral surgery

The dental clinic is available every day except Sundays for the convenience of the patients. Patients can discuss their dental disorders with a dentist.



X-ray facilities available from morning 8 am – 8 pm or any other time with previously requested or arranged. A consultant radiologist is at your service in investigating your X-rays.